About Us

Our Story

The idea of our company began in 2018 when co-founder, Nick Castellano, realized his passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures always involved amazing coffees. After having extensively traveled around the world, the name Global Origins was birthed in an effort to build an experience based brand that revolved around the world of coffee.

After graduating university in 2019, he packed his bags and left to Colombia for 3-months for a crash course on Colombian coffee trading. At 22 years old, he left knowing nothing about the specialty coffee industry and returned extremely knowledgeable and with a network that now spans worldwide. He returned fueled with motivation to simply source the highest-quality coffees directly from producers around the world looking for exposure in international markets. Together, we work to promote the enhancement of environmental and social sustainability standards worldwide.

Our Mission

Global Origins Inc was founded to inspire and motivate people to travel and taste the wonders of the world through the aroma and flavors of specialty coffee. We enhance the coffee experience by leading a generation of 5th wave coffee drinkers.

Our passion for unique and exotic specialty coffee is so strong that we are determined to use the art of coffee to improve the environmental and social sustainability standards industry wide. We work exclusively and personally with some of the world’s most exclusive and remote coffee farms. Our travels across the world's coffee belt has motivated us to do what it takes to make change happen.

We believe that coffee is a universal phenomena that allows people to culturally connect by telling the stories of every producer and every consumer. Because of this, we fully understand that coffee farmers and host communities in which we operate are at the heart of our business. We recognize that the work we do has the potential to affect the people, communities, and the environment, both positively and negatively. It takes special people to produce the special coffees that are in our hearts and a staple of our travels. With us, you'll be a part of something greater, and you will be that positive impact the coffee world needs.

Our Quality

Among the 100-point scoring system, the specialty coffee industry has determined that coffees scored 80+ are considered specialty. We take it a step-further and work to maintain a scoring floor of 85+. However, we are very fortunate to work with producers who consistently produce 87+ coffees. Our producing partner's efforts do not go unnoticed and we strive to reward them for their quality.

During each harvest and at every origin, we work with our trusted partners and Q-graders to ensure high-quality processing methods and well-thought out experimental methods. Among this, we cup every lot at origin and abroad. We use an IKAWA Sample Roaster in order to maximize consistency and transparency by sharing every result with every player in our supply chain. Every result, positive and negative, is recorded, shared, and analyzed in order to continue providing the highest quality and consistent coffees.

With our strong quality control process, we are able to obtain and offer coffees that highlight flavor complexities and bright/sweet cups. While we tend to avoid more traditional flavored coffees, we do also understand that demand varies. Therefore, we do offer coffees that are clean and balanced all while producing traditional flavor notes such as chocolate, nuts, and caramel.

Ethics in Practice

Our buying and selling practices are simple and accessible. Coffees bought from producers range between $2.50-$8/lb on average. While we believe FOB is not the best measurement of ethics and transparency, we typically pay an extra $1-$1.50/lb for FOB (Free on Board). Our landed prices can range anywhere from $3.75-$12/lb.

While there are many variables and circumstances that can change these pricing factors, we aim for perfection in our transparency and ethics when sourcing and distributing coffee.