Coffee naturally grows in Ethiopia but Yemen was the first country to cultivate coffee and create our beloved beverage. Yemen is filled with a rich culture and an incredible history, and it excites us to be able to offer these rare and unique beans. Quality is unmatched and is guaranteed to bring wonders to your cup!


  • Capital: Sanaa
  • Language: Arabic
  • Main Ports of Delivery: Aden

Coffee Production

  • Annual Coffee Exports (Avg): 300,000 bags (60kg)
  • Processes: Natural
  • Farm Sizes (Avg): 0.25-1 hectare
  • Varieties: Dawairi, Jaadi, Tuffahi*

Regions and Harvesting Times

Regions: Jabal Haraz

Harvesting Times: October - March**

* These varieties are common but not limited to Yemen's coffee production.

** Harvesting times are a general overview of the country. Variabilities such as altitude, microclimates, varieties, etc can have an affect on exact harvesting times and coffee maturity.

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